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The Impact of Growing Environmental Awareness:-

In the recently published world-wide analysis of factors driving PCB Fabrication and Assembly: Where in the World, BPA takes a close look at national positions on environmental issues and, more particularly, water treatment around the World.

Relative Environmental Performance:

water treatment chart

Singapore shows a very strong position even ahead of Germany and the USA, with South Korea and the technically strong countries of Eastern Europe: Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland in close contention.  Mexico and China are both ahead of Brazil in water treatment.  The lower ‘cost’ regions of Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar don’t even feature in water treatment resources and regulations.

Government Environmental activity and water treatment are among the many factors, addressed in the report that influence, global resource strategy.

BPA’s “Where in the World” Report also goes into issues such as education, public health, and intellectual property in creating a thorough picture of the factors influencing the global choice.  Put together, these elements make up a clear dynamic picture of the industrial world and how it can be expected to develop in the coming decade.

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