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COB LED: A Market Growing Like Wildfire

With their notable advantages in lifetime, reliability, and reduced power requirements, LEDs are rapidly moving into mainstream lighting and driving completely new trends of “designing with light”.

While these advantages coupled with fast-reducing costs are a powerful incentive for lamp designers and manufacturers, the actual process of design and fabrication of the light sources involves selection, mounting, and interconnection of discrete devices, adding to the complexity and bill of materials of what was once a simple light bulb in a socket.

Advances in LED chip technologies are enabling the development of a new way to produce solid state lighting- the “COB” (Chip-on-Board) LED Array. At some 40% pa growth, this is the most exciting sector of the LED space.

What is a COB LED?

In these devices a number of bare LED die are mounted directly on a substrate, doing away with the individual packaging for each chip, the need for “binning” or tight selection of color temperature and other optical characteristics, and the need for design, procurement and assembly of interconnecting substrates, thereby greatly simplifying the design and assembly of the fixture or luminaire within which the COB LED Array is used.

The COB LED Market: New & Exciting

COB LED Arrays are becoming the light source of choice in a rapidly expanding range of applications, with growth rates in excess of 40% per year into a potential market which already includes some 40 billion installed sockets. Looking more closely this means that these new light sources will represent the need to mount and interconnect some 35 billion chips per year by the end of the decade. This is a volume and level of activity which doesn’t exist now!!

Growth Trends- COB LED Array Substrates and Discrete LED
Circuit Boards for Medium- High Brightness Illumination Applications

Graph of COB LED Growth Trends

The COB LED is a new class of lighting product which provides a clearly definable and predictable source of powerful illumination in a compact, readily handled, modular format requiring only two connections to a power source. Direct attachment to an appropriate heat sink helps to manage the balance between light output, reliability, consistent optical behaviour and overall efficacy provided by the Array.

How Can You Get Better Informed About COB LED?

At BPA we are focussing on the fabrication of a COB LED module – examining the opportunities and challenges for the packaging technologies and materials that come together to create this exciting new opportunity.

These materials and processes define mechanical and thermal properties together with optical shaping and color management, providing a physically rugged, totally integrated luminous platform for the final product. The characterization and mounting of the LED chips themselves within the array determine the light intensity along with some of the color management required for the application.

The result are fast-growing opportunities for substrates, board level interconnect, die attach, die bonding, encapsulation and thermal and optical management.

COB LED Array Structure

COB LED Array Structure

BPA COB LED Report: A Unique View Of This Dynamic Sector

This work is coming together in a focused, high value report which will provide a unique and essential resource for participants along the COB LED Array value chain.

Some of the areas covered in the Report:

LED Semiconductor technologies- what’s available, what’s coming, and how these will impact array form factors, materials, and manufacturing

  • COB LED Array Market Intelligence- 2014-2022
    • Total Unit volume growth
    • Unit Volume by Application
    • Device distribution
      • luminous Intensity
      • power density
  • COB LED Value Chain Intelligence- 2014-2022
  • Total Substrate area
  • Substrate area by substrate type
  • Semiconductor volume requirements
  • technology split
    • Phosphor volume requirements
    • Assembly materials requirements

COB LED Arrays; Source: Cree

Using a combination of macro market and lighting technology trends, teardown analysis, activity-based modelling, and in-depth interviews and correspondence with key industry players, BPA is creating a unique view of this dynamic sector, going behind the usual top-level market presentations into key metrics of interest to the packaging value chain.

Scheduled for publication in Q1 2016, this report will present up-to-date information essential to technology and business strategists along the LED value chain in a compact and comprehensive format. Use the inquiry form below for further information on pricing as well as outlining areas of specific interest.

Want To Know More?

Our comprehensive COB LED Report is available from Spring 2016 and will provide a thorough and comprehensive appreciation of all issues concerning COB LED Arrays. 

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Business Intelligence

BPA’s reports are the outcome of wide ranging and considerable research and expertise, and we are pleased to share this knowledge in focused consultations with industry participants. The added value this represents is that you will receive a unique, personalized perspective on the opportunities and challenges presented to your business by COB LED Arrays.

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