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Understanding The COB LED Array Opportunity And What It Means For Your Business

The ‘single hot, bright source’ model which has dominated lighting since our remote ancestors huddled around campfires is giving way to a completely new way of designing and illuminating with light.

Dramatic improvements in efficiency and color output of LEDs are leading not only to many new ways of using light, but also in the way these revolutionary sources are packaged.

One of the most significant emerging trends is the use of Chip-on-Board packaging technology to create LED Arrays.

This new class of lighting product provides a clearly definable and predictable source of illumination in a compact, readily handled, modular format that requires only two connections (visible in the photo) to a power source. Direct attachment to an appropriate heat sink helps to manage the balance between light output, reliability, consistent optical behaviour and overall efficacy provided by the Array.

COB LED Array (Source: Bridgelux)Arrays of LED chips are mounted directly onto specialty substrates offering the required thermal conductivity along with reflective properties, creating a source of concentrated light with well defined and controlled optical capabilities.

Targeted phosphors are included in lensing – either as an encapsulation for the chips or an off-mounted phosphor lens – to create the desired color mix and beam development.

(Image: COB LED Arrays)

The low voltage, low power requirements of COB LED Arrays along with their small size and steadily improving light output per watt present a new way of designing with light. They eliminate the technical and commercial complexities associated with individually packaged LEDs: “binning” or output matching of individual devices, the volume and thermal resistance of the packages themselves, and the need for an interconnecting substrate- greatly simplifying the design, bill of materials, and manufacturing of lighting in a vast range of general and specialty lighting applications.

As a result a new range of users, more familiar with design than electronics, is emerging to exploit the game changing array of lighting possibilities that the LED world provides. The simplicity and elegance of the COB LED solution are driving growth rates in excess of 40% per annum for:

Wirebonds (Source: Cree)

  • Substrates
  • Metals and Wires
  • Reflective coatings
  • Encapsulates
  • Phosphors
  • Thermal Interface Materials
  • Bonding adhesives
(Image: Wire bonds on LED Array)

BPA will be releasing a high value short form report looking at the commercial opportunities and the technological challenges along the COB LED Array packaging Value Chain. We will be examining the structure and technologies of the LEDs themselves along with the opportunities these create for substrates, metals, encapsulates, phosphors – the materials and the processes – as this market explodes.

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BPA’s reports are the outcome of wide ranging and considerable research and expertise, and we are pleased to share this knowledge in focused consultations with industry participants. The added value this represents is that you will receive a unique, personalized perspective on the opportunities and challenges presented to your business by COB LED Arrays.

To take advantage of this unique opportunity, just let us know via the Contact Form.

Are You Fully Informed About The COB LED Array Opportunity?

More information is available on this website about COB LED Arrays as well as details of the BPA COB LED Report which is due for publication in early 2016.

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