Custom Programmes

Custom Programmes

BPA Consulting is very experienced at providing our clients with their specific information requirements. This may be information on a specific technology, market forecast, strategic advice, new product development assessment or M&A support.

Whatever your requirements please contact a BPA consultant to discuss your needs. After a detailed discussion and a face-to-face meeting (if required) BPA will provide you with a proposal detailing the content, objectives, methodology, delivery and price of the project.

Services for Venture Capital and Investment Banks

BPA also provides commercial, technology and operations due diligence services to many of the leading technology investment companies worldwide. Most of these projects are completed within a few weeks and involve intensive market research, customer and supplier interviews, business plan critiques, review of the competitive landscape and interviews with the target organisation’s management team.

BPA provides services to investors at all stages of the investment cycle. At each stage BPA significantly reduces the risk our clients face by utilising our detailed knowledge of the electronics technology/market sector and our excellent analytical skills.

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