Our Competencies

  • BPA has monitored and reported on the demand for advanced substrates, packaging and interconnection since 1977 and is seen by the global electronics community as a leading authority on this market.
  • BPA has a unique capability to understand the inter-relationships between all the major elements within the electronics industry supply chain.
  • BPA has an in-depth and detailed knowledge of developments at the system, component, process equipment and materials sectors and how they relate to each other. This allows BPA to forecast demand for materials, components and equipment.
  • We have proven analytical capability developed through nearly a thousand previous studies since 1977 which enables BPA to successfully analyse, qualify and quantify technologies and markets and thereby identify opportunities for the electronics industry supply chain.

We have completed many studies across the whole supply chain including:

  • Semiconductor packaging and test
  • Wireless modules
  • Optical device packaging and test
  • High density substrates and interconnect – rigid and flexible
  • Embedded optical waveguides – PCBs and backplanes
  • High density connectors
  • Automotive entertainment and safety systems
  • Micro-systems technologies – nanotechnology, MEMs and micro-optic components
  • Passive components – integrated and embedded solutions
  • Electro-mechanical components – relays, switches
  • Antennae components
  • Advanced materials for electronic and optical applications
  • Materials with enhanced thermal management properties
  • PCB materials – dielectric, soldermasks, coverlays
  • Device materials –  GaAs GaN, SiGe, SOI
  • Low k dielectric materials
  • Advanced electronic assembly equipment
  • Optical component assembly equipment
  • Semiconductor packaging materials
  • Assembly materials – solders, conductive adhesives
  • Laser and plasma processes applications
  • Hi speed drills
  • Laser drilling and fabrication techniques

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