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Trends & Opportunities – 77GHz Automotive Radar

BPA Consulting examines the trends and opportunities in the electronics industry for 77GHz automotive radar modules from 2015 to 2021.

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Global PCB & Laminate Industries Outlook 2017

Forecasts for the PCB and Laminate industry for 2017 with industry growth charts for USA, Taiwan, Japan and Europe from 2000-2020.

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Short Term Outlook for PCB Industry & Supply Chain

Worldwide semiconductor growth rate forecasts are provided here together with further industry outlooks for 2016 and beyond.

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5-Year Rigid, Flex & Laminate Forecast

View the BPA Outlook for 2016 which is published annually as part of our PCB Information Service.

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COB LED Arrays

Chip-on-Board (COB) LEDs are rapidly moving into mainstream lighting and driving new trends of “designing with light”.

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Wide Band-Gap

The Exciting New World of Wide Band-Gap – Solid State Power:- Power semiconductor technologies are approaching an important threshold with both technical and commercial implications. The changing performance metrics will have dramatic consequent impact on the requirements of board level interconnect while the market potential will create

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Moore’s Law (Part 4)

In the final analysis, it all comes down to the Market: In the previous article of this series we looked at the concept of profiling opportunities and businesses through the use of “KPIs” (key performance indicators). Here, with the dramatic example of the mobile phone business, we

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Moore’s Law (Part 3)

High Vantage Point Required for Roadmapping & Planning:- As we were discussing in our previous article in this series (Moore’s Law Part 2), technology forecasts can be hugely valuable but also potentially very misleading! By casting the net much wider, we at BPA can set that to

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Moore’s Law (Part 2)

Reflections for the Electronics Industry:- In the first article of this series BPA introduced the concept that Moore’s Law was not in fact a law but an observation. “So what?” you might say and “does it really matter?” – well we think it does and we’d like

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Moore’s Law in the 21st Century

This month we celebrate a remarkable 50th anniversary for the Electronics Industry.  On 19 April 1965, Electronics magazine published Gordon Moore’s 4-page paper which set out the criteria of what became known as Moore’s Law.  The industry never looked back! Electronics asked Moore to predict what was

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