Standard Reports

Standard Reports

Through its research work, BPA often identifies an interesting emerging technology or market opportunity. Previous topics have included Optical Interconnect, High Speed Systems, MCM’s Mircovia and HDI Technologies. These reports are not customized but serve to give the reader valuable insights into an important emerging sector of the market.

The latest reports available for purchase are:

High Speed Report

The Internet of Things heralds the time when unmanned smart communication is stepping into a new realm at the M2M level.  This is a comprehensive report on High-Speed Systems in an ‘IOT’ World.

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Metal in Board

The report identifies and profiles a number of board level solutions for the management of heat and power, the applications for which these are suitable, and the market opportunities represented by the applications themselves.

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COB LED Report

A new packaging technology- Chip on Board LED Arrays, aka “COB LED” is revolutionising the way lighting is designed and manufactured.  This is a high value short form report looking at the commercial opportunities and the technological challenges along the packaging value chain.

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Where in the World

The potential of various national markets around the world as manufacturing locations and markets in their own right is the subject of this report published jointly by BPA Consulting and the IPC.

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Business Intelligence

BPA’s reports are the outcome of wide ranging and considerable research and expertise, and we are pleased to share this knowledge in focused consultations with industry participants. The added value this represents is that you will receive a unique, personalized perspective on the opportunities and challenges presented to your business.

To take advantage of this unique opportunity, just let us know via the Contact Form.

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