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What It Is:-

BPA’s landmark study “Metal in the Board- Opportunities for Printed Circuits Providing Thermal and Power Management”, first released in 2012, is the first comprehensive look at applications, technologies, and markets developing around the fast-moving field of digital power and light.

From Solid State Lighting/LEDs through Automotive subsystems, Renewable Energy, Power Conversion and Control to RF Power, digital power and light is changing the way electronics are used in an expanding range of applications, adding the need for Thermal and Power Management to the circuitry intricacies which are already well known to the Printed Circuit world.

Current Controller Board and Thermographic Profiler

These functions (controlling heat and temperature and conducting substantial currents), are being achieved by integrating metal features into the board, leading to further integration in the control and powering of an expanding range of electrical systems.

This presents a market opportunity currently expected to grow to some $3.4 billion by the end of the decade, with growth rates of over 50% for some types and loss of market share for others.

What’s New:-

This update brings additional coverage of dynamic new markets as well as the most recent data to the extensive review of technologies and markets presented in the first edition. Advances in automotive subsystems, selective MiB technologies, and new applications opportunities add to the solid background in thermal and current management technologies and markets which make this report essential reading for industry participants ranging from applications engineers and designers to strategists concerned with business technology and development.

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