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Stories abound in the electronics industry of companies that invested millions in overseas manufacturing locations because their executives and board members were hearing about the off-shoring movement, and because their competitors were doing it. Fast-forward to today and some of those same companies are now contemplating on-shoring, having learned there is much more to profitable location decisions than labor rate considerations.

Investments in new manufacturing capacity are costly and too important to risk getting wrong. They demand the highest practical level of business intelligence and analysis. As more electronics manufacturers set their sights on international markets and global expansion, IPC and BPA recognized the immediate need for a comprehensive study of global manufacturing locations.

IPC commissioned BPA to develop “Where in the World? A Regional Strategy Roadmap for Electronics Manufacturers” (see Table of Contents). BPA have been in the industry since 1977, working a consistent and valuable approach to defining the vantage point from which we can discern what is most likely to happen and where to invest in the near future for long-term business success.

This approach includes a careful analysis of a wide range of measures and makes good use of the many expert and highly developed information resources available in today’s economies. The aim is to provide a really high value overview and forecast of trends together with an examination of resources to which the client can turn for current detail.
BPA’s methodology includes detailed research. The “Where in the World” (WitW) study involved well over 100 interviews with manufacturers and suppliers, building on longstanding relationships and knowledge within the industry. The results of these interviews are built into a structured analysis rather than relying on anecdotes with present-day time horizons. In WitW, for example, the BPA methodology has demonstrated the potential value of Indonesia both as a manufacturing base and a potential market along with the possibilities of Cambodia and Myanmar as these economies begin to emerge from decades of political and economic paralysis.

The “RAMP” analysis developed in the course of the WitW study arithmetically combines several key indicators into an index which provides a unique perspective on issues such as the imbalances facing manufacturing in India and the possibilities along with the challenges of Sub Saharan countries such as Uganda. The WitW analysis also dives into other issues, for example water purity, to consider both the resources and the controls being enacted. Another fascinating process developed and explored in the report tracks and predicts economies as they mature – moving up from agrarian through manufacturing to service driven.

RAMP chart

Put together, these elements make up a clear dynamic picture of the industrial world and how it can be expected to develop in the coming decade.

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